Sustainability and emissions

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Climate smart and good for business.

With Testo’s industrial flue gas analysis instruments, you can perform accurate measurements and determine relevant values for your optimal combustion process. It saves emissions and energy – and it pays off for your business and the environment.

Minimize costs.
Maximize sustainability.

To be successful in the long term, you need to reduce energy consumption and emissions. Since the Paris Agreement, there is no way around a long-term sustainability strategy. Regulatory requirements are getting stricter, and the cost of emission allowances is rising – a real challenge for many companies working with fossil fuels. With Testo as a partner by your side, it becomes a real opportunity. For your business. For the future.

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Minimize emissions.
Maximize efficiency.

An important indicator in emission measurement is the air condition. There is an important balance that must be maintained here: optimal combustion is achieved if there is enough excess air and thus oxygen to burn all the CO, but at the same time there is a low ceiling on the amount of excess air, so that as little hot flue gas and thus thermal energy as possible is lost to the atmosphere through unnecessary excess air.

Efficiency that pays off – for you and the environment.

The precise determination and reduction of O2, CO and CO2 content, i.e. the excess air, determines the efficiency of your combustion process. This is important not only to reduce emissions, but also to increase profits. This is because reducing excess air increases your efficiency.

1% less excess air. 1% more efficiency: with fuel costs of €15 million per month, this means a saving of €150,000.

Optimize ecologically. Benefit economically.

Emissions trading has been the key climate protection instrument for years. It is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the participating energy sector and energy-intensive industry. Therefore, in addition to the savings in monthly fuel costs, there is also a saving in the necessary emission rights. These become more and more costly over time. The unit of measurement for emission allowances is metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (t CO2e).

CO2 emission allowances
Savings in emissions

Measurable sustainability. Measurably lower costs.

An optimal combustion process depends on accurate measurement values: with the industrial flue gas meters testo 340 and testo 350 you can reliably carry out accurate measurements and analyses. For easy reduction of emissions, energy consumption and costs.

Reduce emissions. Increase efficiency.

The testo 340 and testo 350 flue gas analysis instruments are robust and offer reliable and accurate measurement technology that is mobile and flexible to use. Whether in boilers or cement factories, in parallel with stationary measuring systems or at any measuring point – with these flue gas meters you can easily and efficiently determine your optimal combustion process.

You can benefit from it now. While protecting the environment.

Process optimization pays off – for the climate and profitability. With an accurate flue gas analysis, you can sustainably reduce emissions, energy consumption and costs. Ask our experts today about the optimal configuration for your process.

testo 340 – ideal for industrial flue gas measurements.

With its particularly compact design, this instrument combines reliable technology and maximum mobility – making it ideal for service missions and commissioning and inspection of industrial combustion and thermal power plants.

testo 350 – flue gas analysis and emission measurements for the highest requirements.

The testo 350 portable system can perform various measurement and analysis tasks, impresses in the long term thanks to its robust design and is also suitable for complex data collection. The analysis box can be equipped with up to six measuring cells.