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High medical safety environments from start to finish

Safe environments with the right climate for medicines are a constant challenge that people in different industries are grappling with around the world. It is about keeping track of temperatures and ensuring unbroken cold chains to create the conditions for ultimately high patient safety.

We have advanced yet user-friendly measuring systems and instruments to help you control refrigeration and freezing environments. Both on site and wherever you are. The measurement solutions are suitable for everything from research departments and production facilities to transportation and warehouses.

All measurement solutions are characterized by high data security and help you meet current standards and legal requirements. And most importantly, the right temperature and humidity levels have been accurately measured from start to finish so that medicines are of high quality and remain effective.

Also explore our offer for accredited calibration and service.

Calibration shows your “real” readings

Don’t forget to calibrate your measuring equipment. It provides answers to how your measured values ​​relate to values ​​from highly accurate reference equipment. It also means that you meet the requirements of the Medical Products Agency and the criteria for ISO certifications. We offer accredited calibration of a large number of measured variables. Choose between lab or field calibration.

Field calibration

Research and production

Pharmaceutical products must be of indisputably perfect quality. As you know, this means that laboratories, cleanrooms and pharmaceutical production must comply with certain strict standards and legal requirements such as ISO 9001, GMP and 21 CFR Part II. We have systems and instruments to help you comply with all current regulations.

Health sector

In the health sector, the well-being of patients is of course paramount. This makes the storage of medicines a top priority. Sensitive substances such as blood and tissue require special environments. And in pharmacies, medicines are manufactured under carefully regulated processes. We have measurement solutions for effective monitoring of sensitive medicines, helping to protect patients’ health. It minimizes the risks of costly losses of ineffective medicines and ensures that environments comply with current legal requirements.



  • Continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity
  • Automatic documentation
  • Alerts when limit values are exceeded
  • Special measuring sets for medical refrigerators
Vaccine storage


  • Systematic IAQ monitoring
  • Ensures proper storage of vaccines, samples and blood reserves.
  • Alerts if limit values are exceeded
  • Special measuring sets for medical refrigerators


The safe delivery of medicines often involves major logistical challenges. The basic criteria are clear: unbroken cold chains and strict temperature limits must be maintained throughout deliveries by road, rail and air. This places demands on both transportation and storage space. These environments are subject to a regulatory framework almost as strict as the production of medicines themselves. We have data loggers, systems and complete solutions to help you comply with current legislation and, most importantly, contribute to human health.

Temperature monitoring in warehouses


  • Automatic and uninterrupted storage of measurement data
  • Ensures storage that meets GxP requirements
  • Validatable software in accordance with 21 CFR Part II

Important mapping of climate conditions

Temperature mapping is about ensuring that temperature levels remain within certain limits in different places in a warehouse, for example. Companies working with medicines are required by law to carry out mapping. A mapping process always starts with the study of drawings and the examination of possible problem areas such as window and door surfaces (where temperatures may differ from other parts of the space) by thermography. Highly accurate measuring equipment is then installed for a comparison measurement. After mapping, we analyze the results and compile a detailed report in English.