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Measuring technology that secures your production.

Industrial companies are under constant pressure when it comes to ensuring problem-free manufacturing. Disruptions during production and substandard product quality can have far-reaching financial consequences. We provide you with measurement solutions to minimize these risks. We have our roots in Swedish industry. For nearly 50 years, we have supplied measuring instruments and systems that have helped many large industrial companies develop and grow in a wide range of industries.

Explore measurement technologies that allow you to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Measuring solutions for preventive industrial maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a challenge in every production facility.

Regular inspections and adjustments in processes are made to ensure smooth production that meets all requirements and where costly downtime is avoided and energy costs are gradually reduced.

Here you will find measuring instruments for simple and efficient maintenance. Also explore our offer for accredited calibration and service.

NordtecManufacturing industry

Manufacturing industries

Vehicle manufacturers, paper mills, plastics industries, sawmills, printers… these businesses often face similar challenges. It is about using technology and procedures to ensure smooth flows and consistent quality. Optimal ambient conditions are a key factor in all situations. We have smart measuring instruments and advanced measuring systems that help industries in various sectors create perfect conditions for raw materials, machines and personnel.

All measurement solutions are characterized by robust design, high performance and accurate measurement technology. Together with our accredited lab and field calibration, this allows you to meet requirements and standards such as EN 12830 as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Get in touch and we will review your needs and propose a measurement solution that gives you reliable production with development potential. Contact Ove or Amanda for a call or meeting.

The pharmaceutical industry

Safe environments with the right climate for medicines are a constant challenge. It is important to keep track of a variety of measurement parameters to ensure consistent and safe environments at all times, ultimately contributing to effective medicines and high patient safety. We have highly accurate and user-friendly measurement systems and instruments for research labs and production facilities, pharmacies and hospitals, transportation and warehouses.

All measurement solutions are characterized by advanced measurement technology and high data security. All data loggers and systems comply with the stringent requirements of GxP and CFR 21 Part 11 and the EN 12830 certification. Our accredited lab and field calibration helps you meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

We can help you with everything from needs analysis, installation and validation to commissioning, support and calibration of measurement equipment. Read more about our measurement solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry
The food industry

The food industry

Both raw materials and finished food deserve the very best care. We have measurement solutions for all stages of the process. From data loggers that monitor in warehouses and manufacturing processes and transport loggers that follow the load to thermometers for checking incoming goods and hand instruments during cooking. This allows you to ensure the high quality and safety of raw materials and food.

Our flexible food instruments and advanced measurement systems are HACCP approved and meet the requirements of EN 12830, EN 13485 and EN 13486. In addition, we offer lab and field calibration that allows you to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001.

What is the situation in your company, what do you want to develop and improve? Get in touch with Ove or Amanda to find out more.

Energy production and mining

Robust and accurate measurement equipment is essential for activities such as power stations, incinerators and mines. This includes the ability to quickly detect overheated machines or components and to measure and obtain different flue gas values. All to ensure optimal processes and efficient extraction of raw materials, low environmental impact and safe working environments. We have measurement solutions to help you achieve this.

What do you need to create an even more cost-effective and sustainable business? Check out and be inspired by our advanced but easy-to-use flue gas measurement instruments.

Energy, mines, flue gas

Calibration shows your “real” readings

Don’t forget to calibrate your measuring equipment. It provides answers to how your measured values ​​relate to values ​​from highly accurate reference equipment. At the same time, you meet the criteria for ISO 9001 certification and any regulatory requirements. We offer accredited calibration of a large number of measured variables. Choose between lab or field calibration.

Smoke gas meter testo 350 - Sustainability

Good for the climate. And for your business.

Testo’s instruments for professional industrial flue gas analysis allow you to perform precise measurements and determine relevant limit values for an optimal combustion process. Increasing efficiency also means saving energy and reducing emissions.

Discover sustainable flue gas measurement that benefits both our environment and your profitability.

Explore our products

Thermal camera testo 890

Thermal imagers

  • Detailed measurement – ​​finds hidden faults
  • Contactless and safe from a distance
  • Possibility to measure during production

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Sectors: industry electrical cabinets

Electrical measuring instruments

  • Measurement of current, voltage and resistance
  • Advanced technology – easy to use
  • Safe and accurate measurements

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Sectors: industry, indoor climate measurements

Climate instrument

  • One instrument for all climate parameters
  • Large selection of wireless sensors
  • Ready-made, guiding measurement menus

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Sectors: industry remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

  • Connected, advanced measuring systems
  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity, differential pressure, carbon dioxide and radon
  • Alerts via SMS/email if limit values ​​are exceeded

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Sectors: industry, greenhouse

Versatile data loggers

  • Compact, durable and accurate
  • Large memory capacity for measured values
  • Retains stored measurement data in the event of a power failure

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Sectors: industry, other measuring instruments

Other measuring instruments

  • Flexible and efficient measurement
  • Wide range of applications
  • Free mobile app and cloud storage of measurement data

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Measurement solutions for the production and distribution of energy.

Preventing costly malfunctions and deficiencies is essential in energy production and especially when it comes to energy distribution. With the help of a thermal camera from Testo, you can quickly and easily detect and analyze thermal irregularities. It ensures efficient production and good delivery security.

Thermal camera application at power station

Power station troubleshooting

  • Overheated components in production
  • Material fatigue and cable breakage
  • Various types of defects in electrical installations
Application, thermal camera on solar cell installation

Troubleshooting solar cell installations

  • “Hot spots” due to defective modules
  • Modules with interruptions or short circuits
  • Overheated cables and sockets

Read about our versatile, advanced and easy-to-use thermal cameras. What will be your next favorite instrument?

Thermal imagers