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Joining forces against food waste.

Food belongs on the plate – not in the bin.

Billions of tons of food are wasted around the world every year. In fact, as much as one third (!) of all food produced ends up in the garbage. Together we can stop this unnecessary waste of resources and money.

We do our part with measurement solutions from Testo. Their handheld and stationary instruments allow you to meet current legal requirements and keep food fresh at all stages of the food chain. This means increased food safety that will hopefully lead to less food waste, which not only saves money but also benefits the planet.

25 years of food monitoring.
Reliable, accurate and, not least, easy to use. We are talking about data loggers from Testo. Since 1996, these smart data loggers have been monitoring and protecting food during storage and transportation. Around the clock. With each logger, you simply get 25 years of experience in food safety.

Also explore our offer for accredited calibration and service.

Calibration shows your “real” readings

Don’t forget to calibrate your measuring equipment. It provides answers to how your measured values ​​relate to values ​​from highly accurate reference equipment. And at the same time it means that you meet the Swedish Food Agency’s requirements and the criteria for ISO certifications. We offer accredited calibration of a large number of measured variables. Choose between lab or field calibration.

Reducing food waste in shops and restaurants.

Tougher competition, increased customer demands, stricter legislation… Shops and restaurants are experiencing more pressure from various sources. As a result, a lot of food unfortunately ends up in the bin.

  • Food portions are bigger than appetite.
  • The shelves are full of food but the shopping carts are not full.
Food waste 20

Supermarkets and food service operators account for 20% of food waste.

  • At the slightest defect, food is rejected.
  • Broken cold chains, expiry dates are approaching and food is being stored incorrectly.
Food waste 30

Restaurants and supermarkets can reduce costs by 30% by reducing food waste.

  • There are as many causes of food waste as there are simple measures to prevent it.
  • Measuring technology can help reduce food waste
Food waste 5.12 million tons

There is a surplus of 5.12 million tons of food in supermarkets.

Durable accurate measuring instruments for powerful results.

Testo measuring instruments are tested and proven to take up the fight against food waste in all areas of the food industry. From incoming goods to the storage and preparation of food.

Food instruments: incoming goods

Incoming goods

  • Fast and precise control of temperature
  • Compact, waterproof and HACCP approved

Read more about testo 104-IR

Food instruments: food preparation

Preparation of food

  • Measurement of frying oil quality
  • Saving oil and money

Read more about testo 270

Food instruments: storage


  • Continuous monitoring of storage temperature
  • Automatic alarms for increased food safety

Read more about testo Saveris 2-T1

Safe food all the way.

Measurement solutions for unbroken cold chains. Quick, easy and HACCP approved.

Fine, valuable raw materials and ready-to-eat, tasty food deserve the very best care – all along the cold chain. We have measurement solutions for all stages of the process. From thermometers used on incoming goods to transport loggers that accompany the cargo.

The food instruments come from Testo and are certified according to HACCP guidelines. This allows you to meet all the limits and standards for your food products. And at the same time ensure a consistently high, uniform quality of both raw materials and food.

Food safety, pokebowl

Fine produce can be anything but fresh!

Food that looks fresh may actually have too much bacteria. In some cases due to being stored at the wrong temperature. Another reason may be a lack of hygiene in handling. Below we list common mistakes that can lead to spoiled produce and inedible food. What is your situation?

Eight common flaws in food handling:

  • Food is at the wrong temperature or cooked at too low a temperature.
  • Cooked foods are stored for too long without adequate refrigeration.
  • Excessive loads in cargo spaces result in high temperatures.
  • Staff shortcomings in terms of handling and hygiene.
  • Distinguishing between “unclean” and “clean” hygiene zones does not work.
  • Different types of food are not handled separately.
  • Raw and cooked foods are not handled separately and are stored together.
  • Recipes and manuals for production and cooking are not followed with the risk of health hazards.

Are you aware of all the handling and temperate environments for your food? Further down the page you can download a free pocket guide on food safety from Testo. The manual is adapted to Swedish conditions and contains everything you need to know about temperature limits and what is required to meet HACCP guidelines.

“We get good quality and save money

The testo 270 frying oil meter is a popular measuring instrument for many in the food industry. Leon Greiner, Managing Director of Stepanek Butchers, says: “Since we started measuring with the testo 270, we have full control of the frying oil and can use it for longer without compromising the quality of the food. As a result of the measurements, we have reduced the cost of oil by 30-40%!”

Constantly working for you – at every step of the process chain

Whether it’s control measurements on incoming goods, temperature monitoring in warehouses or spot checks and measurement of core temperature during heat treatment,… With us you will find the right food instruments to meet all possible needs and requirements.

A small selection of measuring instruments for the food sector:

Safe monitoring of warehouses

Temperature logger testo 174 T – kit with USB interface

Read more

Automatic backup of measured values – even when the battery runs out or is replaced

  • Free professional software for programming logs and for data analysis is included.
  • Easy export of data to Excel

Temperature logger testo Saveris 2-T1

Read more

You will be alerted by email or text message when your limits are exceeded.

  • Read out measurement values at any time from your mobile phone, tablet or computer
  • Automatic documentation of measured values
  • Wifi connection

Temperature logger testo 175 T1

Read more

Practical functions for exporting to Excel

  • Automatic backup of measured values – even when the battery runs out or is replaced
  • Memory for up to 1 million measurements

Reliable monitoring during transportation

Transport logger testo 184 T1

Read more

PDF software in the logger – no external software needed

  • Memory for up to 16,000 measurements
  • Operating time: 90 days

Transport logger testo 184 T3

Read more

PDF software in the logger – no external software needed

  • Memory for up to 40,000 measurements
  • Easy to change the battery

Temperature logger testo 174 T

Read more

Automatic backup of measured values – even when the battery runs out or is replaced

  • Available with professional software for programming logs and for data analysis.
  • Easy export of data to Excel

Effective spot checks on incoming goods

Plug-in thermometer testo 103

Read more

Easy-to-use and accurate measurement technology

  • Affordable entry-level model
  • Compact, fits in any pocket

Plug-in thermometer testo 108

Read more

User-friendly with two self-explanatory buttons

  • Clear and easy-to-read screen
  • Wide range of sensors

Plug-in thermometer testo 104-IR

Read more

Measure surface and core temperature with a single handheld instrument

  • Dirt does not stick to the instrument
  • Intuitive features
  • Can be cleaned under running water

Smooth food preparation or production

Small and waterproof insertion thermometer

Read more

Can be run in the dishwasher

  • Accurately measures core and air temperature
  • Compact, fits in most pockets

Frying oil meter testo 270

Read more

Measure frying oil quality directly on site

  • measurements can be made directly in the hot oil
  • On-site self-monitoring with reference oil

pH meter testo 205

Read more

Reinforced measuring tip, ideal for measurements in semi-solids

  • Maintenance-free pH meter thanks to gel electrolyte
  • Replaceable pH measuring tip and temperature sensor

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