Björnax smoke pen

The Björnax smoke pen provides a stable, continuous column of smoke where you determine the amount of smoke.

  • Non-turbulent = very little thermal impact
  • Reveals the slightest leakage or air movement
  • Contains no harmful or corrosive substances


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Finns i lager

Smoke to control airflow in ventilation etc.

The Smoke Pen is ideal for quick checks of airflow at vents in ventilation systems and fume hoods and for checking the operation of smoke detectors. The smoke can be ignited and extinguished which means that only the amount of smoke required for the control needs to be used. The package contents are enough for more than 3 hours of continuous smoke. This corresponds to 360 tests of 30 seconds each.

The package contains a pen, refill pack, 6 smoking sticks.

Burning time:180 min
Ignition time:10-15 sec
Smoke color:Off-white
Size:6 x 70 mm
Sustainability:Unlimited when stored dry
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