testo 405i – wireless hot wire sensor

Compact sensor for air speed, temperature and airflow

  • 0... 30 m/s (hot wire)
  • -20... +60 °C (NTC)
  • Telescopic tube, can be extended to 400 mm

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testo 405i SmartProbes – Wireless hot wire sensor

The testo 405i hot wire sensor is part of the Testo SmartProbes series and is used in combination with a smartphone or tablet. It is a compact sensor for air speed, temperature and air flow. The testo 405i has a telescopic tube that can be extended to 400 mm, for flexible use in rooms and ducts. Using the free app downloaded to their phone or tablet, users can conveniently read their measurements, configure airflow measurements quickly and easily, and reliably measure time and point averages.

Included in delivery

The testo 405i wireless hot wire sensor with batteries and factory protocol.

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Viktig info! testo SmartProbes kräver Android 4.3 eller senare / IOS 8.3 eller senare samt Bluetooth 4.0.


Measurement area
0 ... 30 m/s
±1 digit
±(0.1 m/s + 5 % of m.v.) (0 ... 2 m/s)

±(0.3 m/s + 5 % of m.v.) (2 ... 15 m/s)
Resolution0.01 m/s
Measurement range-20 ... +60 °C
±1 digit
±0.5 °C
Resolution0.1 °C
CompatibilityRequires iOS 8.3 or later /
Android 4.3 or later
Storage temperature-20 ... +60 °C
Operating temperature
-20 ... +50 °C
Battery type3 pcs. AAA batteries
Battery life15 hours
Size200 x 30 x 41 mm

Telescope that can be extended to 400 mm

Sensor tube diameter 12 mm

Sensor tube end diameter 9 mm
Guarantee2 years
There are no probes for this item.
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