testo 184 T2 – 150-day transportation logger

For transport monitoring during 150 days

  • USB connection without cable
  • PDF software in the logger - no external software needed
  • Clear display


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testo 184 T2 for 150-day transportation monitoring

With the testo 184 T2 temperature data logger, you monitor the transportation of sensitive goods such as medicines, food or electronics for a maximum period of 150 days. At the destination of the monitored products, a glance at the LEDs is enough to see if the configured limits have been respected. To get detailed information, the logger is connected to a PC – a PDF report is immediately generated with all relevant information. To enable you to work even more efficiently and conveniently with the data loggers, all necessary files and information are stored directly and securely in the testo 184 T2: Configuration file, acceptance test 3.1 according to DIN ISO 10204, operating instructions and a PDF report of your recorded data.

testo 184 T2 is intended to be used for a maximum of 150 days. The battery cannot be changed as the idea of this logger is that it is used for longer shipments where it is expensive or problematic to return it to the shipper.

The testo 184 T2 temperature logger has a memory capacity of 40,000 measurements. Measurement intervals can be freely selected from 1 minute to 24 hours. testo 184 T2 complies with GxP, 21 CFR part 11, HACCP and EN 12830. Testo is an ISO 9001 certified company and ensures compliance through internal audits and accredited external audits.

testo 184 T2 – benefits and features

  • Clear alarm indication: A quick glance at the LEDs is enough to know if limit values have been exceeded during transportation.
  • Simple operation: the testo 184 T2 is intuitive and can be used without special training or prior knowledge: the “Start” button starts the data entry. “Stop” ends it.
  • Easy configuration: Each data logger stores a configuration file that makes managing the testo 184 T2 a breeze – no download, no installation, no user interface and no additional costs.
  • Convenient reading: A PDF report with transport data is created immediately when connecting the data logger testo 184 T2 to the USB port of a computer. This is suitable for long-term archiving according to the PDF/A standard.
  • Mobile reading or on-site printing: All testo 184 T2 data logs can be read out on-site using an Android phone with NFC function. Data transfer from the data logger to a compatible Testo fast printer (optional) also works wirelessly via NFC.
  • IT-safe: The testo 184 T2 temperature loggers operate securely without installing or downloading software, so there are no IT problems with firewalls or virus programs.

Included in delivery

Temperature data logger testo 184 T2, including approval test certificate 3.1 according to DIN ISO 10204 (stored in testo 184 T2), battery and double-sided adhesive tape for easy mounting of the data logger.

Measurement range-35 ... +70 °C
Resolution0.1 °C
Accuracy± 0.5 °C
Memory40,000 measurement values
Log interval1 min - 24h (selectable)
Storage temp-55 ... +70 °C
Operating time150 days
Alarm identificationwith LED and display
Size44 x 12 x 97 mm
Weight45 g
PC interfaceUSB
Guarantee12 months from date of production: see circled date code (MMYY) on the device nameplate
SoftwarePDF reader (included in the logger)
NormsGDP, 21 CFR Part 11, EN 12830, HACCP
Protection classIP67
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Datablad testo 184
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