testo 770-1 – digital clamp ammeter

Ideal for daily measurement tasks such as measuring starting current

  • Unique gripping mechanism - optimal for tight spaces
  • Auto AC/DC for current and voltage
  • True effective value - TRMS

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testo 770-1 – digital clamp ammeter

The testo 770-1 model is the standard version of the testo 770 series. This current clamp is ideal for daily measurement tasks including measurement of starting current and non-contact current measurement in cabinets. One of the two gripping claws can be fully retracted into the instrument, making it easy to grip cables in tight cabinets. The automatic recognition of measurement parameters ensures a reliable measurement function. In the current and voltage range, the instrument can detect direct and alternating current. It can also automatically select other parameters such as resistance, continuity, diodes and capacitance. The values are clearly shown on the 2-line display.

Advantages of the testo 770-1

  • Fully retractable claw for maximum flexibility
  • Auto AC-DC
  • automatically selects parameters such as resistance, continuity, diodes and capacitance
  • Clear 2-line display
  • True effective value – TRMS
  • Measurement of starting current

Included in delivery

The testo 770-1 digital clamp ammeter, a set of measuring cables, factory protocols and batteries.

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Base accuracy0.8%
Voltage range AC/DC1 mV … 600 V
Current range AC/DC0.1 … 400 A
Resistance area0.1 Ω … 40 MΩ
Frequency range0.001 Hz … 10 kHz
Capacitance range0.001 µF … 100 µF
Continuity testYes
Diode testYes
Max display4,000
Measurement categoryCAT4/600V
Operating temperatureCAT3/1000V
Storage temperature-10 ... +50 °C
Size-15 ... +60 °C
Weight243 x 96 x 43 mm (L x W x H)
Guarantee378 g
Approvals2 years
StandardsEN 61326-1, EN 61140
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Datablad testo 770

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