Celsivent – reference air outlet meter for ventilation adjustment

Reference air outlet meter for adjusting ventilation systems in half the time.

  • Easy to use - just plug the measuring case into a power outlet and reference air outlet meter - ready to go!
  • Shows the flow of the reference air outlet as a percentage of the design flow.
  • Can display flow in l/s or m³/h and pressure in Pa.
  • You can enter values for the reference air outlet meter + 6 additional air outlets (adjustment values) in the user interface.

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Leveranstid: 5–10 arbetsdagar

Leveranstid: 5–10 arbetsdagar

Celsivent – reference air outlet

CelsiVent is a special development of the Celsicom monitoring system. Celsivent is designed with a clear focus on fast and efficient adjustment of ventilation systems.
The system can also be supplemented with sensors to monitor additional quantities such as for example temperature, humidity, radon, CO2, etc. Also function for controlling equipment (on/off).

Simplified adjustment

The measuring case allows you to adjust a ventilation system completely on your own. Simply connect the measuring case to the reference air outlet meter and an electrical outlet, and you are ready to start measuring.

Mobile connectivity

The Celsicom Connect CC202 base station in the case automatically connects to the mobile network as soon as power is applied. No configuration is required. Using a standard smartphone, you then follow the pressure and flow of the reference air outlet meter wherever you are.

Stable and accurate values

Highly accurate and stable pressure measurement is crucial to the operation of the Celsivent system. This is guaranteed by integrating one of Testo’s highest quality pressure transmitters into the system.

Transmitter measuring range: -100 Pa … +100 Pa.

Clear interface

On the web page on the phone, you enter the K-factor and design flow for the reference air outlet. It is now also possible to enter six projected flow values for actuators to be adjusted in the installation (in addition to the reference air outlet).
The phone displays the flow of the reference air outlet as a percentage of the design flow and the flow to which the other actuators should be adjusted. If there is a change in pressure, the values are recalculated within seconds, so you always have up-to-date measurement data from the reference air outlet meter.
The interface can be set to display the flow as l/s or m³/h or the pressure in Pa on the air outlets.

Click on the “Demo account ventilation” button on www.celsiview.se to see the user interface.

The measurement case contains all the necessary parts for remote monitoring of reference air outlet meter assembled and ready for use.

  • Celsicom base station
  • Celsicom 3G modem (M2M)
  • Celsicom analog adapter
  • Celsicom power adapter
  • Testo high accuracy pressure transmitter (measuring range: -100 Pa … +100 Pa)
  • Silicone hoses

Cloud service is additional, see the Accessories tab.

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