Celsicom DP600 – differential pressure

Directly connected remote monitoring of differential pressure and temperature

  • Measure pressure differences in homes or production premises
  • Receive alerts via email or optional text message when filters need to be changed or cleaned.
  • Low price on unlimited cloud storage

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Finns i lager

Celsicom DP600 – directly connected logging of differential pressure and temperature

The DP600 measures the difference between two pressures, for example. be pressure differences in homes or production facilities. The DP600 can also be used to monitor a filter in order to receive an alarm when the filter starts to get clogged. Alarms are sent via email (included) or SMS (optional).

The main benefits

No gateway or base station needed
All boxes in the new Celsicom generation have a direct, secure transfer of data to the cloud without the need for a base station or gateway. The data traffic is sent on a licensed frequency exclusively for NB-IoT on Telia’s existing mobile network. Coverage is excellent and the risk of interference is virtually zero.

Easy to get started
Once you have scanned the QR code on your first box, a window opens on your mobile phone where you can create a new cloud service account. After filling in your data and naming the box, you can quickly get started and instantly see the values from the box on your phone, tablet or computer. If you already have an account, log in and name the new box.

Molntjänsten Celsiview
Obegränsad lagring!
Alla mätvärden lagras automatiskt i molntjänsten Celsiview. Priset för molnlagringen är 22:– i månaden per mätbox. Då ingår också kostnaden för all datatrafik. En obegränsad mängd data lagras i molnet så länge abonnemanget fortlöper.

Till Celsiview

Backup memory
In addition to sending all measurement values to the cloud service, they are also saved in a backup memory in each box. However, if there is a disruption, all measurement data is sent at the next transmission time.

Included in delivery

Celsicom Easy Connect DP600, Differential pressure ±125 Pa

Measuring range:±125 Pa, -30°C till 70°C
Maximum Deviation:3% of the measured value (Pa), ±2°C
Differential pressure measuring technique:Flow measurement
Recommended batteries:2 x AA 1.5V lithium
Dimensions (mm) and weight:78 (w) x 114 (h) x 30 (d) and 119 gr
IP class:43
There are no probes for this item.

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