Product warranty

We provide a 1-3 year factory warranty on measuring instruments, sensors and related products. The warranty covers, for example, software failures, batteries not charging, product breakage and other malfunctions. We will repair and return the measuring product to you free of charge. However, the warranty does not cover defects and damage caused by misuse, lack of maintenance or negligence/accident (e.g. if the product is dropped on the ground).

Contact us first!

If you find that your measuring product is not working properly – call us on 031-704 10 88. In many cases, we can guide you over the phone to fix the problem yourself. If we can’t help you and it’s likely to be a warranty issue, please access our calibration and service portal Access. Click on the “Service/Warranty” box, fill in the form carefully and print it out. Be careful when packing your measuring product so that it is not damaged during shipping. Don’t forget to fill in the service form!

Send business packages to this address:

Nordtec Instrument AB
Elof Lindälvs gata 13-15
414 58 Gothenburg

When the guarantee does not apply

If, after examining the measuring product, it turns out that the defect is not covered by the factory warranty, we will inform you of this and give you a quote for the cost of repairing the product. There is also a fee of €195 for returning the measuring equipment to you.

Please note that the products sold at a reduced price in the Offers section are not covered by normal guarantees.

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