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Fully automated and highly secure system.

Continuous remote monitoring and documentation of climate parameters such as temperature, humidity and differential pressure can be a real challenge. The solution is testo Saveris 1 – a sophisticated yet very user-friendly monitoring system packed with features. You always have access to up-to-date measurement data and comply with standards and laws.

How testo Saveris 1 works

The system software (there is a validated CRF version) is installed on your server and is accompanied by an intuitive user interface. The testo Saveris 1 includes the testo 150 data loggers. Different variants of the loggers are available with both digital and analog sensors for safe monitoring of critical values in accordance with the strictest GxP regulations. If any limit value is exceeded, you will automatically receive an alert via SMS and/or email.

There are no ongoing subscription or license fees required for testo Saveris 1. You own your measurement data which, in addition to automatic cloud storage, is also stored in memories on the server, in the base module and all data loggers. The system can store around 120 million measurements from up to 3000 different channels. Ten users are included by default, with the possibility of expanding to allow more employees to access the system.

We help you throughout the entire journey – from needs analysis, installation and validation to commissioning, support and recurrent calibration.

Trust is a combination of hardware, software and service.

Modular and reliable software

Hardware: modular and reliable

  • Integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure
  • No measurement interruptions, reliable operation
  • Flexible data transfer
Secure and intuitive software

Software: secure and intuitive

  • Ready for audit at the touch of a button
  • Voluntary updates
  • API for easier and faster data exchange
Comprehensive service and staff

Service: comprehensive and personalized

  • Minimized risk of downtime thanks to the helpdesk
  • Fast response time from specialist support teams
  • Flexible maintenance and support package

testo Saveris 1: The components

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testo Saveris 1 components

The data logger modules

testo Saveris 1 data loggers

Every data logger can be flexibly combined with the three communication modules (WLAN, LAN, testo UltraRange)

  • testo 150 TUC4: Four connections for digital probes via Testo Universal Connector
  • testo 150 TC4: Four connections for thermocouples for applications in extreme conditions
  • testo 150 DIN2: Two connections for standard probes via miniDIN for using the comprehensive Testo probe range
  • testo 150 T1: Internal NTC temperature sensor for monitoring temperature

Learn more about the components of the system

See technical data and all other information by clicking on the respective measuring product.

Without interruption

Complete and seamless documentation of your measurement data thanks to fully automatic recording and archiving.


Intelligent and comprehensive alarm management gives you time to react to unwanted events before serious consequences occur. You will no longer miss any exceeded limits.


An audit trail is established in accordance with international standards and electronic signatures document every event that occurs in the system.

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Monitor a large number of measurement points in many different locations with just one measurement system.


You have access to all your measurement data at any time and at the same time secure local data storage. With a simple push of a button, all important measurement data is ready for the next audit.


Redundant system backups ensure that no measurement data is lost - even in the event of power failures or disconnections.

Safety and accuracy: advantages of testo Saveris 1

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Complete solution consisting of sensors, software and services:
An experienced company. A reliable partner. Proven technology.

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Seamless recording and documentation of all relevant environmental parameters:
You can rely on the system's uncompromising functionality.

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Meets the requirements of GxP and 21 CFR Part 11:
No buts - testo Saveris 1 strictly adheres to the main requirements.

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Real-time alarms:
Whatever happens - the system informs you immediately so you can intervene in time.

The ability to validate and calibrate the testo Saveris system was crucial for us.

Sven Jacobsson, CEO of ClinStorage

So, I'm very happy. I can't really see what is missing.

Alexander Gatara, Facility Manager at Fujirebio

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