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Advanced remote sensing has never been easier.

Celsicom offers live and cloud-based remote monitoring of temperature, humidity, radon and differential pressure. It is a user-friendly and reliable solution that allows you to see your current measurement values – anywhere and anytime. The vast majority of measurement boxes are battery-powered and are capable of long-term measurement without maintenance.

Celsicom yellow box TC603
Nordtec Celsicom bygg film
Celsicom phone with Celsiview

Simple and reliable measurement solution for all possible industries

The measuring system is a flexible solution that is perfectly suited for monitoring the climate in different environments. Celsicom boxes continue to gain ground in construction, moisture damage management, the food industry and many other industries. To start measuring, all you need to do is create an account in the Celsiview cloud service (it only takes a few minutes) and scan a QR code on the measurement box. Each box measures and then (with an integrated SIM card) continuously transmits all measurements directly to the cloud.

The measurement data is sent using NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technology via a dedicated frequency in Telia’s mobile network with minimal risk of interference. Thanks to conscious choice of materials and thoughtful production, we have kept costs down. The result is measurement boxes that contain and perform better than they cost. The price of the Celsiview cloud service is also modest: 22-34 SEK per meter box per month – including the cost of all data traffic.

Access to current values whenever you want.

Our web-based cloud service Celsiview allows you to view and share updated measurement data, create reports, receive limit value alerts – and much more. Directly on your phone, tablet or computer.

Read more and watch a demo of all the smart features of Celsiview.

Celsicom iPad with Celsiview

Discreet, smart measurement boxes.

Our self-designed gray measurement boxes are available in several different designs to meet different measurement needs and environments. For measurements on construction sites and offices, in heating systems and production facilities, inside cold stores… the list goes on. With both internal sensors and external cable sensors, the boxes measure temperature, humidity, radon and differential pressure. All models are robust and dust and moisture resistant, making them suitable for more challenging environments. All measurement boxes except the THR600 radon meter are powered by two AA batteries with approximately one year of operation before battery replacement.

Celsicom Building Climate
Celsicom NCC Ida

A tough, valuable concrete computer.

Our yellow measuring box TC603 is designed for one thing only: to show the evolution of the strength of the concrete and when curing is complete. This allows you to know exactly when the molds can be torn. The concrete computer is enclosed in a durable and waterproof enclosure. It has two inputs for external wire sensors cast into the concrete and an internal sensor for measuring ambient temperature. The measuring box is powered by two AA batteries that can take measurements for about a year before they need to be replaced.

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Celsicom Connect

Celsicom generation 1

Here you will find spare parts and sensors for the first generation of the Celsicom monitoring system. In the first generation of the measurement system, the measurement values are transmitted from the sensors to a local base station and then to the cloud via your data network or mobile network (in the current generation, no base station is needed, the values are transmitted directly from the sensors to the cloud).

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