Presentation of measurement systems


Complete measurement systems for remote monitoring

Our measurement systems from Testo and Celsicom enable easy and safe remote monitoring of measured values in manufacturing industries and construction, pharmaceutical and food processing plants, offices and museums – and many other indoor environments.

Life science environment

testo Saveris 1

Monitoring system for those who want extra high measurement data security and validatable CFR version. A popular measurement system for quality assurance of processes in the life science and food industry.

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Server hall

testo Saveris 2

Cloud-based measurement system consisting of easy-to-use and versatile WiFi data loggers. Ideal for continuous monitoring in, for example, refrigeration and freezer environments, warehouses, pharmacies and server halls.

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testo 160 data loggers for museums

testo 160

Series of discreet, efficient WiFi data loggers that give you full control of UV radiation, light intensity, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels. A good solution for museums, libraries and archives, for example.

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Celsicom Easy Connect - infographic


Directly connected and battery-powered remote measurement. The measurements are sent to the cloud via a dedicated, reliable mobile frequency. A popular system in construction, real estate and moisture remediation.

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The ability to validate and calibrate the testo Saveris system was crucial for us.

Sven Jacobsson, CEO of ClinStorage

When we heard about the Celsicom system, it seemed almost too simple to be true.

Caroline Andersson, Supply Chain Manager at Lohilo

Scales - Which system?

Which system should I choose?

Which system is more important to you? As the different systems have different functions and characteristics, they perform different tasks. Together they cover almost all needs that may arise in terms of monitoring metrics and events.

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