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Celsicom enables perfect alignment of temperatures

Published 2022-08-12

Celsicom enables perfect alignment of temperatures

Ulf Alexandersson at Brinova

The real estate company Brinova uses measurement equipment from Celsicom to adjust temperatures in all types of properties. Ulf Alexandersson, an energy coordinator at Brinova, highlights how much easier and faster he can perform these measurement jobs compared to before.

Nordtec had a chat with Ulf Alexandersson about his experiences with Celsicom’s measuring equipment.

How do you use Celsicom at Brinova?
– Initially, the idea was to map temperature levels following complaints from our tenants. But we quickly realized the potential of the system to avoid delivering excess temperatures, so the primary function today is temperature adjustment. Sometimes we also adjust flows, but primarily temperatures,” says Ulf.

How does an adjustment work and how long does it take?
– The more variable the outdoor temperature, the better and safer the adjustment. But unfortunately the temperature has been around zero for most of the winter. Since we have connected heating systems in most of our properties, I can also adjust the curve instantaneously and we see results after just a few hours on a conventional system (a day if it’s underfloor heating). To be sure of the adjustment, we log between 2-3 weeks.

How many sensors are normally needed?
– We run with one measuring bag per apartment or object with three sensors in different rooms, plus one outdoor sensor for reference.

How is the logging done – where are the sensors and base station placed?
– The optimal placement of the sensors is in the middle of the room about one meter from the floor, but you have to improvise a bit depending on the situation in each apartment. We also place the base inside the apartment so as not to lose contact with the donors. It is also possible to log several apartments at once but I prefer one at a time.

Do tenants find the measurement disturbing?
– Absolutely not, they just appreciate that we care about their indoor climate.

Are you satisfied, does the system work as you intended?
– It works beyond expectations. It’s very reliable and the cloud service is great as it saves historical data, so we can follow up on what happens in the evenings and weekends.

Is there anything missing from your equipment?
– Unfortunately, we have noticed that some tenants move the donors in their favor. So it would be good to have some kind of lockable holder. Now we attach them with double-sided tape.

Can you tell us about any particular event?
– Nothing specific, but it is always nice to be able to show the tenants in a simple and professional way that we keep the promised temperatures by showing a temperature curve printed from the cloud service Celsiview.

How many systems do you use?
– We have three bags, but as our stock is spread throughout Skåne and we are constantly growing, we will certainly get more.

What is the benefit compared to how you worked before?
– The time saving is huge and we can adjust the curves immediately. We used to put out regular logs and collect them after a week. Then we made changes to the curves and put the logs out again to follow up. If it didn’t work out, you just had to start from scratch.

The system is easy to expand – longer range sensors, ventilation system adjustment, dehumidification, radon, carbon dioxide and so on – have you considered other applications?
– Not at the moment, but things are happening on a daily basis so in the near future it will certainly happen.

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