Calibration of temperature meters


Temperature is one of the most common quantities we calibrate. In seven liquid baths, three block ovens, a temperature chamber and an IR rig, we calibrate all kinds of meters in a wide range of temperatures.


  • Accredited calibration according to ISO 17025
  • Traceable calibration (IR meter)
  • Lab and field calibration
  • Measurement range: -100 … +1200 °C

In cooperation with several partners, we offer calibration of measuring points also in other temperature ranges.

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Temperature calibration in a block oven


We accept all kinds of temperature meters and data loggers where we have the possibility to read out a result. We choose the calibration method based on the design of your instrument and the measurement points you want to calibrate.

Surface temperature calibration


We also perform calibrations of IR and surface temperature meters outside the accreditation level. These meters are calibrated in a block oven with specially designed inserts for IR and surface measurements.

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