Accredited calibration

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Highly accurate test methods await your instruments.

In our state-of-the-art, fully equipped laboratory in Gothenburg, we have the capacity to receive and calibrate thousands of sensors every month. We calibrate most measuring instruments of all brands.

Accreditation mark

We are approved by the Swedish accreditation body Swedac for lab calibration in the following measurement areas:

  • Temperature: -100 … +1200 °C
  • Humidity: 5 … 95 %RH (at 15 … 40 °C) and 10 … 95 %RH (at 0 … 70 °C) – low measurement uncertainty!
  • Over/under pressure: -0.90 … +150 bar
  • Differential pressure: -1 000 … +1 000 Pa
  • Air speed: 0.3 … 40 m/s
  • Airflow: 10 … 1 500 l/s – unique in Sweden!

This means that we can calibrate a wide range of temperature and humidity meters, pressure measuring instruments and sensors such as pressure gauge stands and differential pressure gauges, anemometers and other air measuring instruments.

Calibration of even more measurement quantities

Together with Testo Industrial Services (TIS) we have access to around 300 calibration methods. This means we can perform accredited calibration of up to 50 measurement quantities such as speed, light, sound, volts, amperes and ohms.

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Orders and questions

To order a calibration, click here to access our calibration and service portal Access. Are you wondering about something? You are always welcome to call 031-704 10 88 or email our calibration department. Read the article about our fully equipped calibration lab in Gothenburg. here.

Measurement quantities that we calibrate

Here are the measurement quantities that we calibrate in our lab in Gothenburg. Which instruments and quantities do you need to calibrate? Get in touch and we will do our best to solve your calibration needs.


We accept all kinds of temperature meters and data loggers where we have the possibility to read out a result. For these calibrations we use a comparison measurement in a liquid or temperature chamber.


We accept most types of moisture measuring instruments, data loggers, transmitters and pressure dew point meters and can issue a wide range of calibration certificates and certificates.


We are accredited for over/under pressure and also differential pressure. This means that we can calibrate manometer racks and other pressure measuring instruments/sensors as well as differential pressure gauges of all makes.

Air velocity

Our latest accreditation from Swedac! With a wind tunnel, we offer accredited calibration of instruments that measure air. The air speed calibration range is impressive to say the least: from 0.3 to 40 (!) m/s.

Air flow

Our accredited airflow calibration makes us unique in Sweden. We use our large wind tunnel to measure values for supply and exhaust air for metering devices. The measurement range is from 10 to 1,500 liters per second.


We perform traceable calibration for CO2 for gas levels used in air quality and safety measurements. In addition, we also calibrate O2, CO, NO, NO2 and SO2 that are analyzed in various combustion plants (we only calibrate flue gas instruments from Testo). We only use certified gases and calibrate fixed measuring points.

Mapping with Saveris sensors


Temperature mapping, or ‘mapping’ as it is often called, is done to ensure that temperature levels remain within certain limits in different parts of the same space.

System validation


Validation is about going through, testing and documenting that the measurement system matches your requirement specification and is correctly installed and that all important functions work properly.

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