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Find the smallest water leak. Avoid high costs.

Published 2023-10-17

Find the smallest water leak. Avoid high costs.

Find the smallest water leak with a thermal imaging camera

Every year, a large number of individuals and businesses suffer from water damage. In 2022, Swedish insurance companies handled a total of 35,205 water damage claims. Almost 60% of water damage was caused by aged pipes and fittings, followed by leaking appliances in kitchens and leakage through waterproofing in wet rooms.

According to the industry organization Säker Vatten, water damage costs property owners and society several billion kronor every year (6 and 10 billion respectively in 2020). An effective way to prevent a further increase in these costs is to detect water leaks at an early stage. Using a thermal imaging camera.

Pipe leakage in underfloor heating systems is a fault that can occur both in new construction and during renovation. Usually you can see signs of this by the fact that the pipes are not getting warm or that there is simply little or no pressure in the expansion tank.

If you suspect a water leak in your underfloor heating, you can do the following: turn off the heating and let the pipes cool down. Then run the underfloor heating again. Measure with a thermal imaging camera. You should see fairly quickly if and where there is a water leak in the system. The leak shows up as a “floral pattern” on your thermal image. With that knowledge, you won’t have to carve up the entire floor. Instead, you only need to open a smaller floor space, which saves a lot of time and money.

Thermography for heating engineers

Practical guide

How a thermal imaging camera from Testo can help you reduce costs and increase sales.

Suitable thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging camera testo 868s right

testo 868s
The testo 868s thermal imaging camera has a high-quality 160 x 120 pixel detector. This means 19,200 temperature measurement points clearly indicating all critical areas.

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Thermal imaging camera testo 883 left

testo 883-1
This thermal imaging camera is designed for service technicians, building technicians and energy consultants.

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Application: Finding water leaks

Measurement solution: testo 800 series

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